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The “Critical Mass” of Cannabis in the World Today

From “Random House Webster’s College Dictionary”    

Critical: adj. 1. inclined to find fault, or judge severely.

Mass: n. 1. a body of coherent matter, usu. of indefinite shape.

In my blogs here, I speak often on the subject of critical mass. I will also refer to this term as, “crit-mass,” for ease (laze) of writing fewer letters. Work smarter, not harder. That’s the American way! It shows, by the way. If you,snob-robed executives would take a personal interest in the filth that you pedal as “goods,” when that be the farthest representation of the truth.

An economy built on distrust. Erosion of character. Corrosion of quality, strikes up a qualm with me. Alas, I write to excite all the minds in line with this train of thought. Always popular. Never taboo. Choo! Choooo! Crit-mass’o’cannibus, upon realization, will look like January First, 2000. Whole towns’ not in frenzies, rather, befriending the people we could not come clean with. Maybe a co-worker. Maybe a cop. Maybe a teacher. Maybe we all could have been best friends long ago. But this prohibition turns us against each other.Almost every name is on that list, by the by. If not currently circumventing legal precedents, via illegal methods, of course. Black market: a product of the governmental police state, creating unregulated and potentially dangerous for those immediately involved, or even in the general vicinity of due to ballistic advances.

Wow! What a nice tangent. Now, back to the task at hand, Cannabis! Our brains are built to receive this sacrament. Receptors completed by the THC molecular structure. Filling gaps while making room. Move over, Red Rover! Can cannabis come over? She gonna fulfill a need. She gon’ release you from this inherent need to follow standard protocol. We are all adults here. If you are reading this, and you can discern the message, then you have sufficient logic to maintain right from wrong. From childhood on, I always remember awareness of that finite line. Sometimes less defined, but still, when in doubt, don’t take a chance of being wrong. The consequence for a wrong of such magnitude  surely will carry with it, the gravity of your mass in cosmic energy, displaced.

I was born in the ’80’s. I was raised with the notion that “weed” was the worst. “Gateway Drug.” I never even saw the stuff ’til I was sixteen. Two years then elapsed. No drugs in  between. I guess the gateway they spoke of, was just a metaphor, propaganda. All it took was self-awareness, question authority, do your own foraging, for research. Never take another’s word until you can corroborate their story. Back it up with facts, Jack. Don’t need to discuss much.

The dirt (lies), thrown in our eyes, has settled. Open ’em wide. What seems like a minute affair, in a world compiled high ontop of violence, atop of violence. Milestones behind us disguised as us thriving. Blood of our foes, seeps through to our soul. Making each step to follow much harder to follow suit. Fall over soon after your head pops. Ego got too full.

Crit-mass happens.


Earth Adopted…

What if…
Mother Earth is “God “? Dearly departed souls stay here in earth. Amidst all energetic forms of life, be it cognizant or not. We, truly, are, all, the same. Of the same essence. Of the same breath. Totally pointless, this depressed present. How great it will be, when all live in harmony. No longer will we have to die, or lose those close. When greed and pride are exiled, humanity’s priorities will shift to saving our savior, Mother Earth. Some litter her surface with the waste of their living; decaying and seeping down deep into her soul. A simple mistake, now, taking from living beings when you think you are supreme.   Living things, you didn’t think to concern yourself with. Not a blinking bulb in head. Instead you eat, shit, sleep, all in the same place. No care for the future, because you think you only live once. Yeah? Well I want my one time to be a shining beacon from the past, illuminating a path. 

The walk of the righteous is long. Many nights lost, there, will you spend. One day, returning with no weapons in hand. Only singing songs from thy heart and radiating light with such force. Energy release. Ora formed before us. Once formless and invisible; intangible, thus fictional. What lives on will be that energy; not this shell called “hell”.

 Elevate yourself. Make haste. Enough time has been wasted. Drenched in entertainment. Our brains went haywire the day they created fire. That’s the cancer. The human err. *It to air is human, to be infallible is godly. We must do better. The seasons, the weather, humanities average life expectancy; how many blatant street signs do you not see with your energy focused on illuminated falsities? The latest and greatest dreailment of destiny. Our duty is to improve the quality of life for all living things. We are the watchers of this place. Though we watch it go to waste, we can’t be bothered to clean up after self; forget cleaning up after others. We must grin and bear, for after the work is started, mother Earth will go. The pride emanating from our success in alleviating impending doom. At the current rate of disgrace we send the way of the year, earth, she will have exhausted her bouncy shortly. Like any good mother would do for her children, she would die if it meant her love would be sent and received with the intended emotion as when it was felt. A depth that can only be known through having such love for children of your own.

Earth is our mother. Present and nurturing. Time is our father. Distant and taught. A conceptual paradox, if time manipulation is even possible. But, I’m no physicist. Just a Ramblin’ fool, whose only contribution is confusion. Confucius say, what? Talking at your mental fabric. Displacing it’s intended placement. Place your bets if you think you will last, with an abscess cavity of cranial capacity; where that old thing you called your brain once slept perpetually. Perplexing possibility, you see? 

I think it best to rescind all bets. I repeat, say again. All bets are off. All bets are off. Your best bet is to jet set. Yes, get back to some semblance of logic. Assemble the potential bestowed upon us all. 

*If we were created in some “godly image quote, then it could be surmise that we possess equal faculties as said diety. 

in other words, the creation to mimic self, would contain things needed to rediscover what’s been there all along. Just along for the ride. Some odd 90% of my brain (most humans) has always contain the secrets of life. Unlocking miraculous things. 

After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Regenerate.

Pursue Possibilities


Before the tipping point is reached, a.k.a. “crit-mass,” one might find it beneficial to employ various certifications pertaining to a booming and blossoming industry. About half of the states in the U.S.A., have legalized cannabis for medicinal use. Now I have said it before, and I will say it again. Since a majority of states have allowed/acknowledged cannabis as a viable medicine with recognized therapeutic uses, then by virtue of unity, should not cannabis be rescheduled on a federal level to reflect the wishes of those supposedly represented by the actions of elected officials with our best interests in mind? Regardless of special interests or endeavours invested in, no democrat/republican or other party, shall pass any bill or amendment with underhanded goals in mind. This is where we, the people, come in.

<Setting> Washington D.C. The street facing the House of Representatives.                         Enter <stage right> Every decent, hard working, honest American. Assembled peacefully in front of their, what should be, “best interest bank.” That is to say, the government should transparently guarantee all under umbrella, unwavering loyalty in all decisions made while elected offices are held. Violation of this decree, which should be easy to see, shall be punished by termination of service of guilty party(ies), as well as dissolution of all pensions to be had by holding office. This should be true of all positions of power, in which checks and balances go unused.

Use it or lose it! Our rights…Enjoy what little we have left, for not long from now, you may find yourself looking back on what could have been. What now is no more than a figment of your imagination. File eighty six ’em. Kiss your past good bye. You had the chance to try, now, cry is all you can do. Boo hoo.

Now dry your eyes, for I am the ghost of Cannabis: Presently. All of those noble hopes, all for not. Lest not ye be part of what we see as part of humanity. On par with the “body of Christ,” “weed,” too, is a sacrament. To those who believe in some yeast to be blessed, indeed.  A remnant of one, who, proceeded to be this prophetic persona of immaculate conception. In a time of minimal invasion of rights of man, in terms of plants. Those days, tinctures made. Extracts, grade A. You must believe, Jesus, smoked “weed.” F’n A, right! The burning bush? Someone must have smoked a whole plant and made such a spectacle, he/she inspired a writing in which, God, used the plant as a medium for communication. I’m just sayin’. A plant, made by God, outlawed by man, because why? No reason other than personal gain. It’s insane we’ve been saying nothing. As I said earlier, it has been verified via scientific method, that cannabis has continually demonstrated medicinal and therapeutic efficacy

I hope your not at the end of your rope. Do not lose hope. Invoke all the energy available to overcome the obstacle in front of you. Just power through. You have more strength than brain can fathom. Break the chains of mental fracture. Put your processor back together. Puzzle pieces made of molecules, unique to your actions/reactions. Happenings happen. Get used to it. Get happy. Get educated. Get united, States and beyond our borders. Order in the court of people. Can not we all just get along? 

      Get along little doggy. 

Possibilities await..

Be not afraid! Supporting Cannabis hemp is not terrorism!

Now hear this! Cannabis hemp should not be illegal! You are not a terrorist for supporting it’s cause. We must stand up for what is right! Cannabis hemp is as much a part of America as any noun found in America!

This is the time to make a change. Not in a four year plan sense of the word, but in a viral spreading of an idea that can change the world in less than a year. We do not have time to delay this with paperwork or processes. It is simple. Cannabis hemp should be allowed to be grown anywhere and everywhere. The more the merrier. Oxygen production on Earth will rise. CO2 levels will drop. Agriculture will be the new boom in business, which will trickle down to every facet of industry. From energies to textiles.

What is the hold up? When will Americans truly learn from their past? All of the information is readily available. I hardly need to dig up and validate statistics from studies of old. I should not have to stand on the steps of congress or the mall holding clipboards and voter registrations. If this message is received with open arms, and the people of America demand this change, then why the delay in the process? Why must it be delayed and filibustered, when the sooner the better?

When the people agree, representatives should oblige. If not, they should be removed and replaced with a person who truly represents the interests of the people. America has shifted from a people’s republic, to a corporate loophole legislature.

I guess the stigma of being labeled a “pothead” is so heinous, we can not be bothered to do the right thing. Same goes with that of being “honest” or “earth-friendly.” But hey, we still got hundreds of years of oil left, and plenty of national parks. Who could ask for anything more?


Here’s a viable alternative!

Everybody in this country is looking for change. In a positive manner that is. We need jobs. We need alternative fuels. We need cheaper medicines. We need a resurgence in American pride. Countries all over the world are laughing at Americans for our inability to make an impact. We are inundated with entertainment and ill-educated in the public school system. We are raising our children to be unprepared and apathetic to the problems in our country. We are falling from what made this country great. Integrity and community. These are the corner stones of our great nation. As is cannabis.

Cannabis/hemp gave this nation its independence. The resources provided from this multifaceted plant are currently untapped. The fact is that prohibition has caused amnesia in America. We forgot that hemp can help us! It can save U.S.! This new/old industry will boom. Jobs will rise from the ground as the stalks grow strong.

Hemp will alleviate our debt, improve the world’s climate and weather, preserve forests, reduce food costs, spark new technology, cure illnesses, and clean up the streets! The world will indeed be a better place.

None of this is here say, as thousands of years have shown the benefits of cannabis. Not until 1937 did America decide cannabis should be subdued, as well as all those who support its legality. This, to me, sounds rather extreme. How could a plant pose such a threat to a society? Well, only if the society is moving towards totalitarian control and misinformation could a plant present the ability to destroy the deceit deemed necessary by those who profit from the current prohibition of cannabis. Politicians, lobbyists, drug dealers, growers, pharmaceutical industries, lumber industries, all fabrics, and even paper and plastic manufacturers, all benefit from cannabis prohibition.


The purpose of this blog is to inform the people of a possibility that can no longer be ignored. In this time of desperation, ending cannabis prohibition is the farthest thing from a desperate measure. It is our saving grace. From the economy to the environment, cannabis will play a pivotal role in putting America back on top. We will be the new model society for a world change. And i don’t mean “world change” like the “new world order.” I’m talking old world order. Taking it back to a simple society method. Community is key, and no one will be without. Travelers will be welcomed the world over. No more worries of war. Only a world-wide trust among all that every person is entitled to the same inalienable rights. Here’s to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Which I believe guarantees me the right to grow, cultivate, sell, and smoke cannabis.

More to come in later posts going more in depth to each facet of the industry that WILL SAVE U.S.!